Stanley Robinson Sets Official Visits

Stanley Robinson has set his official visits. The power forward out of Birmingham (Ala.) Woodlawn is on his first official visit this weekend.'s No. 20 prospect, forward Stanley Robinson, embarks on his first official visit this weekend as he heads to Atlanta to check out Paul Hewitt's Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets.

According to Woodlawn Coach Tyrone Belcher, Robinson visits Connecticut the first weekend of October, followed by Florida for Midnight Madness and Alabama the weekend of October 22.

"Right now, those are the only places that I'm aware of," Belcher said. "Memphis is a possibility; I've heard his uncle make mention of visiting them too."

One of the big questions surrounding Robinson is just how far he's willing to venture from home for college. "Right now there's not a whole lot of pressure (to stay home) to be honest with you," Belcher said. "He is not getting a lot of pressure from people that he just runs into on the streets. I've been fair to every coach that has called me recruiting him as far as giving them access to communicate with Stanley. I've tried not to be bias and funnel him toward one school.

"His mother would like to see him stay close to home. That's something that has come out. I don't anticipate him going too far away."

Storrs is a long way from Birmingham so what are the Huskies doing on his short list? "Connecticut is sort of the wild card," Belcher said. "He likes UConn, the program and the allure of UConn basketball. When it comes down to decision time, when they sit down, (distance) is a factor in the decision process when it comes down to it. We'll see how that goes. UConn and Coach Calhoun was in here last week and they've got a positive relationship but that (distance) factor is going to weigh big on the decision.

The Gators would be the next furthest school away from home. "Florida is borderline. It's close enough that his family could come see him. Gainesville is maybe 7 or 8 hours from Birmingham as far as the drive. It's borderline."

Meanwhile, Georgia Tech is within very reasonable striking distance and the program has made strides in its recruitment of the forward.

"It's far enough away from home that he feels he's away from home but it's close enough to go back home if he wants. It's a good city and a good town and I think he would be comfortable as far as what they are asking him position wise. He wants to make sure he has the opportunity to play as a freshman and impact the program."

And there there's Alabama – the home state school. "Alabama of course, you have a situation where the personnel and the position Stanley is going to be playing graduates and that opens up the door wide open for Stanley to come in and play; not just play but possibly start for Alabama as a freshman. He likes Ronald Steele and he knows Ronald can play. He knows he's coming to a situation where there's some talent in place. That's a strong factor.

"With him being the home state signee he can kind of get the attention and the publicity."

Belcher said that Robinson is very cautious when it comes to speaking on a leader and the process will play itself out. "He's not letting on about a leader at this time. I don't press him and if he doesn't want to talk about I don't press him.

"Right now, I really can't say there's a clear leader. In my opinion, UConn, Alabama and Georgia Tech are neck and neck right now. After those three you have Florida, Florida State – they're kind of lingering there – and Memphis. UAB would love to have him; all Stanley has to do is say the word."

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