Prep Tour: Fork Union Military Academy

FORK UNION, Va. – 36 years since taking over the post graduate program at Fork Union and Fletcher Arritt still loves his job. It's a new season with new faces but it's the same old dose of discipline and structure that Arritt's been dealing out for a long time.

How long have you been at your job? Chances are it's not nearly as long as Fletcher Arritt who is about to enter his 36th year as the post graduate basketball coach at Fork Union Military Academy.

Way back in 1958, Arritt began his Fork Union odyssey as a player no less. A year at FUMA yielded a scholarship to Virginia where he was a reserve player for the Cavaliers. Then, as fortune would have it, Arritt found his way back to Fork Union where he coached before eventually ascending to the position of post-grad skipper.

Arritt's seen it all. He lives on campus, teaches at the school and generally spends way too much time in his office thinking about basketball and ways he take his charges, line them up against national prep powerhouses and still emerge the victor.

Through the years, Arritt has pretty much seen and done it all. Every year he sends a ton of kids packing for college programs on all levels. In the classroom his guys tend to do well and some of his students find other callings like Vinny Testaverde.

If you think Testaverde has been in the NFL a long time, well, think about this. Arritt taught his in science class at Fork Union and watched him go from a lightly regarded recruit to a big time Heisman guy at Miami.

Wisdom and work ethic are two traits Arritt exudes and seems to pass onto his kids. He's got in the neighborhood of a half dozen D-I recruits this season.

The highest-profiler baler at FUMA is Horace Dixon. The Mauldin, S.C., native is an athletic specimen. He'll benefit from FUMA's structure and the basketball education he'll get under Arritt's tutelage.

Ben Stywall knows how to win and play hard. Those two things alone (and a mid-range jumper) will get him a mid-major scholarship situation he can feel good about.

The evening we were in town, Scott Grable scored it every way you could in the post. He's a student and a player with good grades who should get interest from the Big South and Southern Conference.

Jeremi Booth and Donald Sims, a pair of wing players, will be able to get some buckets in the Fork Union offense. Sims, a confident shooting guard, might wind up being the team's best 3-point threat and defender.

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