Crews Showing Patience With Visits

Duke Crews is in the process of taking his official visits. The normally loquacious Crews has gone into poker face mode and is hush-hush on his current list of four.

Duke Crews had three official visits scheduled the last time we spoke with him. In the last few weeks, Crews has added an Oct. 8 visit to Georgetown. Last weekend, the 6-foot-7 power forward out of Hampton (Va.) Bethel, kicked off the process with a trip to Wake Forest.

"I went into it with an open mind," Crews said. "It was a good visit; I had a lot of fun.

"I felt comfortable playing with the guys. I saw how hard they work at their player development."

This weekend, his attention turns to Tennessee. The Vols inclusion on his list of four was by far the most surprising when the forward trimmed his list last month. However, the forward says there's a good reason why UT made the cut.

"I did my homework on that one," Crews said proudly. "Everywhere that Bruce Pearl has been, they won. Joah Tucker, he plays similar to me and they did that for him (at Milwaukee)."

At this point in the process, Crews says it's hard to call one school a leader. "Probably after I take the second visit I'll have something to compare everything too. Every school has an upside but all of them have downsides too." Crews declined to speak on the downsides of the four schools.

Being from the Tidewater region, Crews has been in the presence of guys like Allen Iverson and Michael Vick. They've been a resource for him throughout the process. "They all tell me the same thing. They say regardless of wherever I go, make sure I want to go there. No one else has to go to the college. It has to be where I want to go. It's no one else's decision but mine."

That decision will be made between Wake, Georgetown, North Carolina and Tennessee. We're probably at least four weeks from getting the word.

"After I get my visits over, that's when I'm going to make my decision."

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