Ryan Hollins Not Sure About St. Louis

Ryan Hollins, a 6-10 center from Pasadena (Calif.) Muir, signed with St. Louis in the fall. But with the departure of Lorenzo Romar to Washington, Hollins is having second thoughts about his commitment to St. Louis...

Ryan Hollins, 6-10 C Pasadena (Calif.) Muir, was the focus of an intense recruitment last fall and it came down to Oregon, Arizona St. and St. Louis as his three finalists. In the end, Hollins was swayed by his relationship with Lorenzo Romar and he chose St. Louis, signing an NLI with the Billikens in the fall.

Now that Romar has left St. Louis for Washington, Hollins is considering whether or not he wants to ask for a release from his NLI. We spoke with Hollins' father last night and he gave us an update on the situation.

Mr. Hollins said, "Coach Soderberg was just here and my wife and I have been discussing the pros and cons. Ultimately, though, it's up to my son and I'll let him make the decision."

We asked about the role that Romar played in his son's decision and Hollins said, "That's the thing. It wasn't the school we were impressed with, it was Coach Romar. He was on Ryan when no one else was. It's still possible Ryan could go to St. Louis, but he's going to take some time to think about the whole thing.

Mr. Hollins went on to say, "Coach Soderberg pointed out that St. Louis was fifth in their conference last year and Ryan might be the piece that would help them win the conference. And it's a very good conference."

We asked about the other schools that Ryan considered prior to his signing with St. Louis. Mr. Hollins said, "I think Oregon has the most to offer as a school. They were talking about things that no one else was talking about and I just think they have as much to offer as any program in the country. But Ryan went with the coach that he felt most comfortable with at the time."

Mr. Hollins said there isn't a timeframe for Ryan's decision. "It could be a couple days," Hollins said. "Or it could be several weeks."

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