Tough Call For Jerome Randle

Right now Jerome Randle is torn. A lot of guys claim to be having a hard time with their decision but in reality, whether they admit it or not, they know exactly where they want to go. Randle is not amongst those who know in advance.

Its decision time for Jerome Randle, the two-time state champion and point guard of the AAU National Champion Ferrari Basketball Club.

The 5-foot-7 standout from Chicago Hales Franciscan High is down to Tulsa and California and on the verge of a decision. Where he goes hasn't been decided yet.

"If you could choose two schools I know I'd go to both of them," Randle said. "I'm not leaning towards either one of them. It's right there."

See, that's the thing, Randle is holding his own feet to the fire but's No. 85 recruit just can't make up his mind. It truly is that close. Tulsa has been recruiting him the longest and California has assistant Dennis Gates, a native of Chicago on staff.

"I want it to be tomorrow but I don't know," Randle said. "I was thinking tomorrow but I might have second thoughts. Maybe I'll do it Sunday so it can get out Monday. I don't know."

Two schools, two different leagues, each with different reasons why they are appealing.

The Golden Bears have Gates who is a strong figure in Chi-Town. "Just to have a person from Chicago, a young coach in Dennis Gates, for him to recruit somebody from his hometown. He knows my goal and that's to get to the highest level. The conference that California is in is unbelievable. It's a guard conference and I'm highly considering that."

And then there's Tulsa. Doug Wojcik's team has been a strong player with Randle and has been tailing him longer than anyone.

"That's a great coach," Randle said. "He's been recruiting me for the longest since he's been at Michigan State. The conference is OK but they've got a great coaching staff. It's great people."

At his size, Randle has had to earn everything he's achieved. With that work comes a certain sense of playing in one of the nation's strongest leagues but it's not that simple. "I think I'll work very hard to compete at the next level with top prospects with guards and big schools. That's the level I should be playing at, that's how I feel. But to have somebody who would care for me like the coach at Tulsa, that's great."

Expect Randle to decide by Monday, after a great deal of consternation.

"I have these two schools that I'm very interested in. I'm in a great situation right now. It's going to be very tough."

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