Collins Changes Visit Schedule

Sherron Collins is still scoring touchdowns but two programs have scored official visits with him. There's been a date change and a pair of programs have ascended to the head of the pack.

This fall, Friday nights are for football in Sherron Collins' world. The Crane Tech point guard threw a touchdown pass and returned an interception for a score this week. Par for the course on the season which has been a tremendous success on the gridiron.

Now to hoops.

There's been a change in regards to Collins' visit schedule. The Oct. 21 visit to Iowa has been rescheduled. "What happened was we're not going to make the Iowa (visit) because of the ACT," Crane Tech hoops Coach Anthony Longstreet said. "By the time he gets out of the ACT the football game and the scrimmage will probably be over."

Instead of visiting Iowa that weekend, the easier play because of the test is to visit Illinois. "He's got the test on the 22nd and he needs to be in bed on the 21st getting rest," Longstreet said. "As soon as he takes the test we'll drive down to Illinois."

To recap, Collins will attend "Late Night" at Kansas, followed by a visit to Illinois the next weekend and then a trip to Iowa the weekend of Oct. 29. The Iowa visit is contingent upon Crane Tech's football playoff game.

Meanwhile, in other news, a pair of schools have advanced on his list. Illinois and Kansas are running neck and neck. "Right now, those two are leading the pack," Longstreet said. "Those are the two that he seems to be excited about."

According to Longstreet, playing time remains the key issue. "Playing time is probably the No. 1 thing and supporting cast. That was a couple of things we talked about."

At this point, Longstreet says that until the trips happen, don't expect much news. "You really won't know (a leader) until after he takes the visits. You have an idea in your mind but once you see something anything can change."

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