Stevenson Gives Tubby A Thumbs Up

Tubby Smith was in Lafayette on Wednesday to see Perry Stevenson.'s No. 60 prospect in America offered up his commitment right on the spot.

Tubby Smith had a pretty good visit to Lafayette, La., on Wednesday. Perry Stevenson, one of the most productive players in the Class of 2006, offered up his commitment to the coach during a visit to the player's school.

The young man who picked the Wildcats over Texas, Texas Tech and Georgia Tech began feeling UK during his weekend visit and couldn't hold it in any longer. He had to commit.

"Perry's kind of a quiet person, you can't really get much out of him," Renee Stevenson said of her son. "He did (get excited about UK) and he's not one to show his emotions but I can see it and I can tell. He kept hinting at it today that he wanted to go with Kentucky and Coach Tubby was there."

Stevenson is going to have to cancel a scheduled visit with the Longhorns whom he was going to attempt to visit the final weekend in October. Instead, he'll play in the SEC where UK is quietly putting together another Top 20 recruiting class highlighted by Stevenson and a trio of Top 100 players.

"He had a wonderful visit this past weekend with the whole Midnight Madness deal," Renee Stevenson said. "He took a liking to Coach Hanson and Tubby Smith as well. I think he was just really impressed with the whole place last weekend; not so much the Midnight Madness but all the school had to offer."

A frequent flirter with triple-doubles on the AAU circuit, Stevenson is one of the most productive players in the Class of 2006. In fact, for a guy who tips the scales at 6-foot-9 and 190, he gets a lot done. Mom understands that the next order of business for her son is adding weight to his light frame.

"I'm trying. I really am. I cook pretty much what he likes and the stuff he doesn't like he eats anyway. Maybe he needs some Lexington cooking. Maybe its genetics."

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