Back To Back Awards For Olu

The Michigan Hurricanes captured the title at the April 12 weekend event in Houston. The Houston Texas Classic championship was the third in as many tries for Chris Grier's Hurricanes.

‘Canes Rollin' Strong With 3 In A Row

Chris Grier's Michigan Hurricanes are simply running down a checklist of tournament championships.

All-Ohio Nike Cup. Check.

adidas Texas Classic. Check.

Motown JamFest. Check.

Three tournaments entered, three wins in a row. "We're trying to give five-for-five in the spring," Hurricanes head coach Chris Grier said. "I figure we've got LeBron for Cleveland (HoopFest) so we should be able to pull that one off. I think it's very possible we can (go five-for-five)."

Grier's team defeated H-Squad of California for the title in Houston. To get to the championship they also had to beat adidas heavyweights DC Assault and the Tim Thomas Playaz.

The Hurricanes' Olu Famutimi was named the MVP in Houston. "Olu was like the second best player there," Grier said, deferring the top honor to LeBron James. Famutimi was also named the MVP of the Motown JamFest.

Also playing well for the ‘Canes was point guard Brandon Jenkins. "I told you he was good," Grier said. "He blew up. Well, he didn't really blow up because there weren't enough of (media) there to blow him up." Now, Jenkins has Michigan, Michigan State, Pittsburgh, Louisville, Texas, Duke and Miami-FL taking a look.

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