Rockfish Spring League: Freshmen

The Rockfish Spring League was loaded this year with young talent. Here's a look at some of the top freshmen, including Brian McTear, Arturas Lazdauskas and Marcus Carter, Jr...

The Rockfish Spring League is annually one of our favorite events, as it affords us the opportunity to scout the upcoming senior class, as well as the younger players. Here's our take on some of the freshmen that participated in the league this year.

Brian McTear, 5-9 PG Los Angeles (Calif.) Crenshaw. A terrific pure point, McTear has an advanced feel for the game for someone so young. Quick and skilled with the ball, he looks to run his team first and get his own shot second. Outside shot is serviceable, but he's very good at getting in the lane and pulling up for the mid-range shot. If he grows, he'll almost certainly be a high-major player and one of the elite point guards in the west.

Arturas Lazdauskas, 6-5 PF Hollywood (Calif.) High. This was our first opportunity to see Lazdauskas and he got our attention. Good bball body and very nice skills. More of a 4/3 than strict 4. Can shoot it outside to the stripe, but also showed some skills in the paint, including one very nice jump hook. Needs to focus on parts of the game other than just scoring. His older brother is 6-8 -- if Arturas gets that big, he has a chance to be quite a player.

Andre McGee, 5-9 PG Moreno Valley (Calif.) Canyon Springs. A very skilled and talented young point guard who needs to understand that he is a point guard. To use a phrase stolen from our friend Dave Benezra, McGee is a "points guard" right now. As in, looking to put up as many points as possible. And he does have the ability to score, either with deep threes or off penetration with a pull-up in the lane. But McGee needs a drastic change in his mentality if he's going to play PG at the next level. If he grows a little, and learns to play the position, McGee has a chance to be a national-level recruit.

Jeremy Childs, 6-0 PG Los Alamitos (Calif.) High. We're told that Childs is a big-time football player, but he's not bad as a bball player either. Strong, with long arms, and a nice stroke. Handle and passing ability are fair. Nice prospect if he spends much time on bball.

Marcus Carter, Jr., 6-3 SG Claremont (Calif.) High. Good-looking young wing with a very nice stroke. Not just a catch and shoot guy -- he showed a jumper off a jab step, then a few minutes later hit a three off the dribble in transition. A fairly good athlete, Carter is slender and looks like he could grow.

Rashad Austin, 6-6 PF/C Claremont (Calif.) High. A big, well proportioned kid who could be really interesting if he gets to 6-8 or so. Moves well, nice hands and decent skills. Not super explosive off the floor, but gets up ok. Decent stroke from 12-15.

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