Augustus To Reclassify

Take a look at the Top 100 and the one thing that is blatantly obvious at first glance is that no one is left. Most of the Top 100 is committed so we thought it was time to find out why Kodi Augustus hasn't popped.

We've never had a fall where all 100 of the Top 100 kids make fall collegiate pledges. We'll get close this year – maybe even into single digits – but it won't be perfect. That's because 6-foot-7 small forward Kodi Augustus is on the list (for now) and he's not going anywhere.

"He's talking about reclassifying," Augustus' AAU coach John Eurey said. "He's going reclassify." That means the Class of 2007 just got a little deeper. If you'll recall, Augustus made a splash at the adidas Super Star Camp when his long, athletic frame was on full display. This guy is a gazelle who has enough offensive game to be quite an intriguing prospect … for next year.

"We've got a school here locally and it might be Heritage Christian," Eurey said. Augustus is now enrolled at Sugarland (Tex.) Willowridge.

"I think he just wanted to improve his academics and make sure that he's successful in college instead of just going to college," Eurey said. "He wants to major in education and take his time. He wants to be very successful."

Texas, Florida, Missouri, Texas A&M, Georgetown, Maryland, Illinois, Southern Cal and Nevada are interested. The Gators are hot and heavy on him.

"I know he's going to go to Florida and Missouri," Eurey said of potential trips to see campuses. Again, Augustus is likely to do that down the road since he's going to be a member of the Class of 2007 and doesn't take the SAT until early December anyway.

So, Eurey says Augustus will be 2007 and soon enough we'll count him as a member of the Class of 2007. That's mean a spot opens in the 2006 Top 100 and we'll have to say another spot on the junior class list for Augustus the next time around.

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