More Visitors Drop By Pineview

The whirlwind recruitment of Vakeaton Wafer continued on Tuesday. More head coaches from major college programs swept in Lisbon, La., for a chance to visit with rising star.

New Experience For Everyone Around Him

Imagine what the local mail carrier in Lisbon has to deal with in the coming weeks? Tons of colleges pledging interest in Pineview star Vakeaton Wafer means tons of letters to be delivered. Tough job, right? Sure it is, but imagine what his high school coach is going through.

"I can't even sleep," Pineview head coach Patrick Lindsey said. Lindsey said he's been inundated with calls from all over the place. He also said he expected this kind of attention to eventually come for Wafer.

"We are a small school in the back woods of Lisbon, La.," Lindsey said. "You have to understand the area. (Louisiana) Tech knew about him. So did the teams we played. He's kind of like that small town hero scenario."

It's tough keeping a secret in college basketball these days so credit Louisiana Tech with sitting on this one a long time. "If I was the Tech coach I probably wouldn't say much either," Lindsey said. "Kansas State knew because of (Wings coach) Ron Crawford. They heard about him through another coach that we played against."

Now, everyone knows about him. Rick Barnes from Texas and Jim Woolridge of Kansas State visited him on Monday. Tuesday's docket included visits from Tulane's Shawn Finney, Indiana's Mike Davis, Mississippi's Rod Barnes and Tech again.

Somehow, and we may never fully understand this, Wafer averaged 32 points a game last year and still managed to fly under the state and national radar.

"I've seen some incredible stuff from the kid since I coached him," Lindsey said. "We were in the finals of one game of a tournament and were up 5. There was 10 seconds left and he had the ball at halfcourt and the gym stood up. In mid-air he put the ball between his leg and brought the house down."

Coach, that's exactly what he did in Houston. He brought the house down.

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