Source: Likely To Be Spring Decision

One insider close to Lance Thomas says the No. 19 prospect is likely to let the early signing date pass. After taking an official visit to Duke, we've got the latest.

Now that the wind has completely died down from the early signing period and Wednesday marks the final day a prospect can ink with a school, it's beginning to look like two Top 25 kids are going to wait until the spring.

Barring an 11th hour decision, Darrell Arthur appears headed to the spring period and it looks like he's going to have company. Lance Thomas, a 6-foot-8 power forward out of St. Benedict's in New Jersey, is unlikely to sign per his uncle Monty Montgomery.

"He has not said anything at this point to me that he's not ready to do it, but I know Lance. He likes his choices but he's not indicated anything to me (about signing). I know Lance and I'm going on my gut feeling and I doubt that I'll be wrong. If I had to bet, I'd bet that it wouldn't happen."

Montgomery, who did not make the most recent visit to Duke with Thomas, Lance is considering Duke, Arizona, Rutgers, Florida and Wake Forest. He also is prepared to see schools drop off the list if Thomas waits until the spring.

"Some schools would feel that the longer it goes, the less of a chance they have to get him," Montgomery said. Multiple sources indicated that Arizona would be very likely to remove itself from the process if Thomas opts to wait until the spring.

"If a program has to move on, we understand. It's no hard feelings."

Montgomery said that the process could need more time to play itself out and allow for the ability to watch situations as they develop.

"Taking the visits is only one part of the process. The way everyone analyzing visits is different. Part of it is seeing what the school has to offer athletically and academically. But at the same time after you go on a visit you are presented with a different angle. Each school is in different areas, different zones and the climate is different. When you're being hit with all sorts of possibilities and scenarios it can take a little longer.

"They also have a late signing period if you're not ready in the early period. What that does is it allows you to watch a program. If you watch a program and were looking at it if you were there playing in certain situations based on what the coaching staff has said to you, it gives you a different meaning."

Thomas has been to Rutgers, Duke, Arizona and Rutgers officially. Last weekend, he spent time in Durham and like the other visits; good reports were the result but nothing that prepared him for a decision, according to his uncle.

"This weekend it went well, he went to Duke. I didn't get a chance to make the trip to Duke but I did speak to him briefly last night but he had a real good time and enjoyed himself. Like most visits, when you come home, you know you had a real good time.

"I think he's made an attempt to make an early decision but at the same time after you go on visits you have to let it marinate. Being fresh off a visit to Duke, which ended yesterday, it only gives you three days to let it sink in and I don't think that's enough time."

Should Thomas wait until the spring as Montgomery believes he will, don't expect an onslaught of newcomers into the fray. "He's at four to five schools. He's not going to make matters worse by entertaining schools that would like to get involved. There are schools calling every day wanting to know if they can get involved."

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