National Prep Tip-Off: Day Two

BARRINGTON, R.I. – A packed house at St. Andrews watched as top-ranked Patterson was upset by Paul Harris' crew. Plus, we got to see the revamped frame of Phil Jones, one of the nation's best unsigned big men.

Paul Harris vs. Davon Jefferson: A standing room only crowd laced with NBA types watched as the top-ranked boys from Patterson were upset by Notre Dame Prep. Jefferson struggled his way to 10 points and 9 rebounds (3-13 shooting) but once again accounted for some amazingly athletic plays and strong traffic rebounds against a solid defensive effort. Meanwhile, Harris proved to be the difference as he went for 21 and 11 boards all the while transporting the ball for Notre Dame and providing leadership.

Phil Jones, C/PF, Laurinburg: So far, he's the most improved player we've seen since the summer and it's directly attributed to his shedding of 25 pounds. Simply put, he's got a legit high-major post game and when they dumped it down to him he delivered the goods. High-majors looking for that spring big man need to lay eyes on his revamped body and make their move quickly because once the word gets out after this weekend the intensity at which he's being recruited should jump exponentially.

Vernon Macklin, PF, Hargrave: His afternoon was spent cleaning up misses and he was once again completely dominant on the glass. Macklin went for 19 points and 13 rebounds. You can't replicate how quickly he gets off the floor; Macklin gets two leaps in for every one normal human being. With the Hoyas looking on, Macklin put on his Alonzo Mourning jersey and hit the glass.

Hashim Bailey, C, Patterson: "Big City" is experiencing an awakening and answered the call with 17 and 7 in a loss. He got himself comfortable on the blocks and was able to score it with a measure of skill.

Bobby Maze (pictured), G, Patterson: He did it again. Mark him up for 20 more points. He's going to be closely watched by a few high-majors while the mids hope his size keeps him in their neighborhood. The problem with that line of thinking is the fact that people are having trouble keeping him in front of them on defense.

Lamonte Ulmer, F, Notre Dame Prep: We had no idea he was so bouncy. All weekend long he's been a producer with energy and he had 16 more on just 8 shots. Like Maze, he's right on the cusp of hearing from a few lower level high-major teams.

Lazar Hayward, Wing, Notre Dame: Led the way with 23 points (8-for-22 FG) and clearly is a high-major wing talent with his strong body and consistent effort.

Delroy James, SF, Laurinburg: URI has itself a player (and a nice recruiting class with guard Marquis Jones) and James, if all goes according to plan, could wind up being an all-league type player. The lefty slashes and scores. He's an A-10 matchup problem for bigs and small forwards. Hit for 16 points and 7 boards.

Chas McFarland, C, Worcester: Speaking of confidence, McFarland's not lacking in that category. Forget the overall size and wing span and the fact that he's not there physically, this guy goes out and competes. He was off to a fast start until Mandeldove's wing span slowed him down. That being said, for a guy who needs a strength program he's not afraid of contact and is a competitor. Some big kids are projects but not this footer; he's clearly got a chance to be a player. McFarland had 13 and 11.

Gilbert Brown, SF/SG, South Kent: There aren't many 6-foot-5 plus wings with his kind of athleticism. Not known for his stroke, Brown made a few in rhythm and finished with 11 points and 5 steals.

Devon McClendon, G, Lutheran: He's a hard-playing guard who claimed he wasn't being recruited prior to the tournament. Well, he's a strong mid-major plus kind of kid who will go right after and play with an edge. He hit for 17 today.

Will Harris, SF, Brewster: 22 points and 6 rebounds were key in his team's come from behind wind. He's a glue guy for the Cavaliers and can be a contributor if he plays with the same steam he did on Saturday.

Brady Morningstar, G, New Hampton: The son of a KU alum is headed to Lawrence where he's going to find a way to get court time. The savvy is there and so are the intangibles like valuing the ball and playmaking. The behind the back leave in traffic was sweet and the 6 dimes to one turnover will keep the coaches happy.

William Archambault, SF, Champlain: Bob McKillop down at Davidson will surely incorporate his catch and shoot ability into the Wildcats attack next winter. He led Champlain with 18, including 5 3-pointers.

Xavier Silas, SF/SG, Brewster: There was little to fault in his 24-point, 10-for-12 shooting performance. He's developing some leadership skills and the son of a former ABA standout is very comfortable from mid-range.

Kiwan Smith, SF, Laurinburg: Big stat line for the 5th year player against St. Thomas More. Recorded game-highs of 23 points and 13 rebounds. Always plays in attack mode.

Edwin Ubiles, F, St. Thomas More: rated him the top incoming recruit in his league last week and he's done nothing but prove the point. Toss in 18 and 13 more in his second game and Siena has got to be jacked up about getting him to campus next year.

Rob Thomas, PF, South Kent: He went ahead and beefed himself up and at USF he should be an active, energy guy on the glass who will go hard. He paved the way for a South Kent route with 19 and 7.

Matt Pilgrim, F, Bridgton: Much improved from the first night. A strong mid-major player, Pilgrim hit the board and even made a few shots on the perimeter to keep defenders honest. Sooner or later he's going to be a MAC priority. Toss in the fact that he's multi-positional and he's a no brainer for that league.

Darrion Pellum, SF, Massanutten: Right on the cusp of being a lock high-major guy because he can really score it. Probably isn't in tip top shape yet and could stand to defend with more intensity but he's a prospect as a scorer and his 17 points in a legit game should serve notice to a few of the programs in attendance.

Craig Brackins, PF, Boys To Men: The reclassed junior would have looked strong even if he'd stayed in the senior class. The story here is confidence and his is sky high these days. Brackins' talent is rising to the surface and he scored it with skill and both hands in the paint. He's using his athleticism and low block scoring package to elevate his game.

Jin Soo Kim, SF, South Kent: He's pushing 6-8 and there are some elements of his game – length, feel, ability to play outside – that should translate over the next two seasons to a high-major program.

"That was the game they really wanted to watch," Keaton Grant said after his 14-point, 5 assist effort against Massanutten. "It's my third game playing point guard." Grant is hoping to score offers from Tennessee, Virginia Tech and Providence; each was in attendance today. …

"It didn't feel right," Phil Jones said of his choosing not to sign early. Well, it's going to feel a whole lot better this spring, we can tell you that. Jones lists UConn, Georgetown, Tennessee, St. John's, George Washington and Miami as early suitors. …

How do you know who the shooter is? Well, when he comes off the bench cold and the coach runs two quick hitters to get him 3s, that's the shooter. See South Kent's Dragoslav Papic. … Tyrone Hanson of Bridgton went 5-for-6 from downtown. Not too shabby. … Tim Ambrose slashed his way to 28 points for Our Savior as he and Daye Kaba rebounded from tough initial first outings on Friday. …

Teeng Akol of Our Savior was at it again. For a 6-foot-10 thin guy he's got the ability to play facing the bucket and he'll be there athletically. A steroid cycle (just kidding!) away from reaching his potential. … Mid-major point man Dodie Dunston dished 9 assists for Brewster but struggled to hit his jumper. …

Jeremi Booth of FUMA did it again. He dumped 19 points in his team's loss and his mid-major candidacy is in full election mode. … Antonio Pena had the double-double today (12/10) in 32 minutes of action. … Worcester small forward Ben Eaves has a hoops IQ and athleticism to go with it but there will be an adjustment from England to the U.S. game. He had 8 and 5. …

Champlain junior shooter Ibrahim Appiah is going to be a coveted mid-major type for his ability to knock ‘em down on the perimeter. … SMU took Menghe Nyam because he's a rebounding energy guy who empties the tank. … Theo Davis never got into the flow for Lutheran and played sparingly. …

Iowa State is doing well with junior big man Mac Koshwal, according to coach Loren Jackson. "They've been on him since he's been a freshman," Jackson said. "Mike Mennenga was been working on this a long time." DePaul, Marquette and Illinois garner mentions as well. …

Senior Top 100 candidate Thijin Moses has DePaul and Marquette on his list. Coach Jackson said they're waiting for a test score to post. …

Devon McClendon says nobody showing much interest but he'd like to hear from UConn, Georgia Tech, Clemson, Temple and LaSalle. … Boston U., according to a source, accepted a commitment from Maine-based wing athlete Carlos Strong. … New Hampshire added forward Radar Ohguetou, a native of Cameroon who runs with New Hampton Prep. …

Tons of assistants made their way to Barrington but head coaches were scarce. Spotted in the crowd was John Calipari and Karl Hobbs. … Later in the day we caught Tim Welsh of nearby Providence and Terry Dunn of Dartmouth eyeballing the talent. BU's Dennis Wolfe spent some time in the stands as well. …

"He's got three fouls and that guy is the reason he's got all of them. That's bad. Real bad."

Laurinburg coach Billy Reid doling out some lip service to one of the officials.


Notre Dame Prep 88, Patterson 8
South Kent 79, FUMA 59
Brewster Academy 86, Lutheran Christian 72
Laurinburg 80, St. Thomas More 68
Bridgton 87, Massanutten 72
New Hampton 75, Champlain St. Lambert 69
Hargrave 72, Worcester Academy 51
Our Savior 104, Boys To Men 94

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