Shakur's List Is A Long One

Mustafa Shakur, arguably the best point guard in the country, says that kids in his neck of the woods are gunning for him these days and don't think he doesn't relish the competition. Shakur entertained a number of schools during the contact period and he'll be looking to trim his list in a few short months.

Attention Is Warranted

This is Mustafa Shakur's time of the year. The 6-3 point guard from Wynnewood (PA) Friends Central feels like he has to step up every time out and he's not afraid to do so. "I always feel like it's on the line," Shakur said. "I love AAU ball. Sometimes, it's more fun than high school ball because you get to play against guys from all over the country."

This spring, while playing with the Hunting Park Warriors, Shakur found out that everyone has found out about him. "All around the city guys are gunning for me and waiting to play against me," Shakur said. It's not just opponents gunning for him, but colleges as well.

Shakur says Villanova, Syracuse, UConn, NC State, Virginia, Arizona, Seton Hall, Boston College, Louisville, Maryland and Georgia Tech comprise an early list.

Herb Sendek, Jim Calhoun, Jay Wright and Al Skinner were among the throng of coaches in to see him last month.

"I've seen (the attention) increase, but I'm giving it a lot of thought," Shakur said. "I would like to cut it down before mid-summer. I don't want it at 13 or 14. I want it to maybe 6 or 7."

Shakur will have his choice of programs and but there's one consideration that really won't affect him. "One thing that's not going to be important is where it's at in the country. That doesn't really matter. One thing that is going to matter is playing style and academics. You have to have something to fall back on. If I can get the best of both worlds at that school, that's great."

No doubt, he'll be able to find what he's looking for.

Last weekend, Shakur made an unofficial visit to Villanova with his father and brother.

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