Visser Has Plenty of Potential

Drew Naymick commands a lot of attention with the Grand Rapids Storm and rightfully so. However, Jason Martin's team also boasts a blossoming post player. Forest Hills Central's Kyle Visser is developing into a viable target for some high-level programs.

Visser Shows Flashes Of Potential

The kid has personality to go along with his talent. With a teammate at the free throw line and the game starting to tighten up, Kyle Visser found his own way to relax. He looked over at his coach Jason Martin and simply winked. Then, he went to work.

Visser corralled the offensive rebound and put it back in. The play was just a series of good plays he made in a win over No Excuses that allowed Grand Rapids Storm to advance at the Spiece Run ‘n Slam.

In fact, Visser was one of the larger surprises at the Spiece event. He was able to be successful despite getting out of the gates slowly on Friday. In his first game at Spiece, Visser wasn't very good. He didn't finish around the rim and didn't play with the presence of a 6-9 recruit. Things would change the next day.

Once Drew Naymick rolled into town to join the team, Visser went to work. No longer with the responsibility of having to be the No. 1post option he seemingly relaxed and got a lot done. Our notes went from a guy who couldn't finish on Friday to a guy getting dunks and tips at the rim on Saturday. Simply put, he was more aggressive and in turn, more successful.

Visser averaged 12 points and 8 rebounds last season at Forest Hills Central. He can do better. He has the talent to be a high-major player. When it's all said and done, he probably will be. However, to get there he'll need to bring that same kind of intensity each time out. He's got it in him, we've seen it.

Right now, Central Michigan, Western Michigan, Marquette, Michigan State and San Diego State have been in contact and are taking their looks at him. With a strong finish to the spring and good summer, Visser's stock will continue to rise.

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