Tigers Score Commitment

The Missouri Tigers were on the prowl in Durham last week checking on Chris Singletary. Wouldn't you know, soon thereafter the guard committed to play for Quin Snyder.

Chris Singletary, a 6-foot-2 combo guard out of Chicago via Lake Suzy (Fla.) Florida Prep, committed to the Missouri Tigers on Monday.

"I think he'll play big role," Singletary's AAU coach Mac Irvin said. "He's a very strong kid and he's playing very strong at the prep school right now.

"He has drive, he has heart and he's a leader. He'll play a big role at Missouri."

Irvin had a son play for the Tigers and now another son Lance is an assistant for Quin Snyder so he's got a good feel for the program.

"The Irvin Family is very influential with Chris," Matt Ramker, Florida Prep's director of basketball operations said. "They've been with him a couple of years and he's a very loyal kid. It was a foregone conclusion, it was just a matter of when, that he was going to go to Missouri."

The Tigers landed a strong guard who will be college ready to defend and stand in there and go toe-to-toe with kids. He's a well built, hard playing guard that won't back down from a challenge and plays with intensity.

Last season, Singletary averaged 24 points, 8 rebounds and 7 assists at Farrugut, according to his hometown newspaper. He was part of Farragut's run to the Elite 8 in 2004.

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