Hard-Nosed Nardi Ready To Go

It's not easy for a gym rat to sit on the bench and pretend he's having a good time. For St. Patrick point guard Michael Nardi, it was very difficult. Now, he's ready to make up for lost time.

Nardi Excited To Be Back

Point guard Michael Nardi of Elizabeth (NJ) St. Patrick didn't have a storybook junior season. "The first injury was a total fracture to the ankle," Nardi said. "Then something happened to the toe. It's been a rough year."

Emphasis on "been." Nardi's back.

"I'm doing well. 100%. I'm back to playing and working out. It was very tough. Now that you get to play I'm going crazy on the court."

Normally, it would take some outstanding performances to generate a lot of interest from top flight schools after an injury, but count Nardi as the exception to the rule. In a year when big time point guards are few and far between, schools haven't forgotten about Nardi's skills.

NC State, Pittsburgh, Seton Hall, Rutgers, Villanova and UConn are chasing him. Villanova, NC State, Pittsburgh and Seton Hall have offered. Actually, Herb Sendek hasn't seen him yet, but Nardi feels the Pack is getting ready to make the scholarship commitment.

"Even though I didn't get to play, it bugs me because I know there are a couple more schools who haven't seen my play that might be interested." Nardi said that he would be interested if Florida, Kansas or Kentucky dialed his digits.

"Everybody wants the big schools but I'm just looking for a program with a hard working coach," Nardi said. "I want a team that's willing to put it together and work hard."

Nardi is playing this summer with Brian Crawford's Newark Rams team. He'll also attend the Nike All-American Camp in Indianapolis. He hits the circuit this spring a changed man. He's 160 pounds these days. "In the past year, I've put on 20-25 pounds. It's much easier to get by people and shoot over screens."

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