Irish Add Foreign Big Man

Mike Brey and the Irish are done recruiting for the year. Sometime in the near future, they will announce the signing of a big man from the Virgin Islands. To get him, the Irish again tangled with a few traditional powers and again won another key recruiting battle.

Notre Dame Finishes Off Banner Recruiting Year With A Big Man

This type of a scenario happens just a few times a year. At the high-major level, it rarely happens. However, this week was one of those rare occasions.

Recently, a tape of a big man from the Virgin Islands began circulating through college basketball offices. Having watched the tape, a number of schools went down and began investigating Omari Peterkin, a 6-8, 250 pounder. What they found was a prospect with potential, a true international sleeper.

Sources say Peterkin is a big bodied player with good footwork and hands. Basically, he's got skills that few available remaining players had.

Peterkin, also a fine student, assembled a final list of three schools that included Notre Dame, Indiana and UConn. He piggybacked visits to all three programs and recently made his decision. Notre Dame welcomed him with open arms.

Peterkin's commitment seals the deal for the Irish. Basically, they signed three Top 100 high school players (final rankings due in the near future). Torin Francis is the gem of the class. Point guard Chris Quinn gives the Irish more ball handling and instant offense from downtown. Rick Cornett gives them a rebounder who, in time, should be a contributor on offense. Now, Peterkin adds more bulk up front.

Credit the Notre Dame staff. They've done a nice job selling a fine product and the program has won a number of high-level recruiting battles this season.

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