Busy Naymick Taking His Time

It's been a hectic spring for 6-10 big man Drew Naymick. He's playing AAU basketball while contributing on his high school baseball team. Despite the confusion, Naymick seems to have a handle on the situation.

Busy Schedule Means He'll Take His Time

Drew Naymick of North Muskegon (MI) High isn't about to call himself Randy Johnson but he loves his baseball. In fact, baseball has kept him from becoming a full-time AAU star.

"It's been really, really busy," Naymick said. "AAU basketball by itself would be fine. Baseball by itself would be fine but both of them make it complicated." Naymick pitches and plays a little infield for his high school team. At 6-10, he's got to be a bringing in on the mound, right? "Actually, there's never been a gun on it. (The fastball's) nothing special; mid 70s."

Well, his heater might not be high-major but his basketball skills are. The 6-10 big man has the shoulders of Jared Reiner but more perimeter skills and colleges are starting to want to hear some news.

"They all would like to have me commit, which is what they told me," Naymick said. "But, I'm really not ready right now. It's not like there's one school that I really wanted to play basketball for."

With Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State, Stanford, Wake Forest and Notre Dame chasing him on the hardwood, he's got some very nice choices.

"Obviously, there's a lot of variety in there. I was more of a Michigan fan than a Spartan fan but I rooted for them both. Both schools, now that they've been able to recruit me, I see that they are both great schools."

So far, Naymick has taken trips to Michigan State, Michigan, Ohio State and Notre Dame; all of them unofficial. If his schedule permits, he'd like to see Stanford and Wake Forest in the future.

Meanwhile, Naymick will continue to pull double-duty until baseball season ends. When it does, the Grand Rapids Storm will have a huge, talented frontline with his presence and that of Kyle Visser. "I like playing with him," Naymick said. "We compliment each other well. We still need to develop a better high-low game. If we can get that and get on the same page we'd be pretty tough."

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