Brown Has Five, But He's Keeping Quiet

Shannon Brown is holding all the cards and he's putting up a pretty good poker face. The talented shooting guard says he's down to five schools but just which five is he talking about?

Brown Quiet On List of Five

Proviso East shooting guard Shannon Brown has narrowed his list to a handful of schools that he feels most comfortable with. The problem is, he's not about to share his personal notes. "I've got to keep it a surprise," Brown said. "I guess if I say a couple of schools then people are going to start making assumptions. If I don't say anything, then there really isn't a problem."

So, there you have it, mum is the word with Brown. Right now, the best we can do is give you the six schools he last mentioned before the executive order of silence was imposed. The last time we were able to get a list, Illinois, Cincinnati, Kansas, Michigan State, Notre Dame and Iowa were mentioned.

OK, so that's six schools and there exists a chance that all of the five listed above are in, with the exception of one. Or, has he added another school? Regardless, Brown hinted that he would like to make visits by the end of the summer and that not all of the schools on his list were within driving distance and he might have to get on a plane for a trip or two.

"I see myself (making a decision) at the end of the summer," Brown said. "The recruiting process is kind of fun but as you start to get closer and deeper into it, then it gets kind of stressful.

Meanwhile, one the basketball front, Brown spent time this spring nursing a sore back. "I feel 99 percent. I'm eating and doing all of the good stuff. (The back) was swollen and tight. I had to ice and stretch it. Sometimes during games it would get tight again."

So there you have it, Shannon Brown has his poker face on and he's got a pretty good hand.

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