Heramb Auditioning For High-Majors

Matt Heramb, a 6-foot-9 power forward, is one of the most skilled remaining big men on the board. The Douglasville (Ga.) Chapel Hill product is waiting to see who comes a calling this spring.

Matt Heramb is a patient young man. The 6-foot-9 senior could have signed early. Instead, he's waiting to see what program, preferably a big one, can use a skilled face up four man.

Heramb is also a confident young man whose team is 8-0 heading into a showdown with Griffin High this weekend.

"I think it just came down to me want to go to a bigger school or even a closer school," Heramb said of the decision to wait. "I think I play up to the level that I'm so I think if I go to an ACC, Big East or SEC school I can play with them. If I go to a mediocre conference I won't excel like I think I can.

"I think I could dominate (at the mid-major level) but it might take a year or two but I think I could do the same thing at a high major conference. I don't know about dominate but I think I can be a better player in the conference."

With offers from James Madison, Tulane and Colorado, Heramb is content to wait. Western Kentucky is recruiting him and Purdue and Alabama have shown interest.

"This summer I got up with the Georgia Hurricanes and we played some good competition and I played just as well as the other guys on the court," Heramb said. "I see those guys going to high major conferences. I think if that's the competition in college then I think I can hang with them. I've just seen progression and I've got more confidence. I think I can do better."

Heramb isn't worried about upsetting the mid-major schools that are trailing him. Like a lot of kids, if the big dogs come knocking, he's going to listen with the idea that the mid-majors are going to hang in there with him. It's somewhat of a gamble.

"I think I'll consider a mid-major school as long as they're not so far away and it comes down to me not getting an offer from the high-major school that I think that I can help improve."

Heramb said that the big schools wanted to see him become a better rebounder so that's been a focal point for him this year. "I'm probably averaging 14-15 points, 8 or 9 rebounds and I just finished a 10 block game."

For Matt Heramb, each time out is an audition. One that's he's been prepping for since passing on mid-major offers during the early period.

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