Beach Ball: Delvon Roe

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. – Delvon Roe hit a growth spurt, found a whole lot of confidence and is in the midst of a strong sophomore campaign!

The changes are evident and they come in many forms. Lakewood (Ohio) St. Edwards power forward Delvon Roe is getting bigger and improving.

The versatile 6-foot-7 forward shot up 2 inches since the summer, added weight and according to his coach, confidence is allowing him to elevate his game.

"I just think its maturity," St. Edwards coach Eric Flannery told "He's put on 20 pounds of muscle and he's very confident."

The young man who averaged 16 and 8 last season is improving on those numbers and posted 21 points and 10 rebounds in his Beach Ball debut against Monsignor Pace. In the game, Roe was faced with a defensive challenge and watched a piece of Pace's sophomore Rayford Shipman.

"We challenged him," Flannery said. "We said that's their best player and if he played defense we'd have a chance to win." He did and St. Edwards won 72-62. Shipman was held in check with 16 points on 6-for-13 from the floor and just 2 boards.

"I don't care about points," Roe said. "The thing you can control is how you play defense. I want to be the guy who guards their best player."

The flipside of that is someone has to guard Roe and with his length and athleticism, plus his confidence, that's a tall order. He's 6-7 and he takes pride in being a power forward. Now, he's grown two inches in 6 months so that helps as well.

"I love (the power forward) slot," Roe said. "I have more options. If I'm taller I can take a guy to the block or if I'm shorter I can use my length to my advantage."

That's what Roe does, he's unleashes a condor wingspan, slings his body at the rim with a strong dose of athleticism and goes to work. Plus, the confidence is oozing out of him.

According to his coach, Michigan and Illinois are all over him. "They come it seems like every week," Roe said. "They want me to call them and get to know their programs a little more."

Michigan State, Louisville and Ohio State are getting into the mix. The Cardinals want him to come down to campus for a game.

For now, Roe is averaging 26 points a game and looking pretty good in the process. He's improving and making strides and after all, he's just a sophomore.

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