Williams Twins Parting Ways?

Jerrell and Terrell Williams have done just about everything together, but that will likely end when the twins from Paterson, N.J., head to college.

Jerrell and Terrell Williams have done everything together since they were little. The twins played alongside of one another at Paterson Catholic (N.J.) and then opted to go to prep school at Northfield Mount Hermon (Mass.) and repeat their junior years.

The plan was always to play side-by-side in college as well.

However, the plan has changed – and the Williams twins will likely part ways for college.

``We talked about it and we want to separate in college," Jerrell said. "We feel it's the best decision for both of us."

Jerrell is a 6-foot-8 power forward who was injured for the early part of the season after breaking his right hand on a dunk just four seconds into his first practice.

``He's always hungry," Terrell said of his twin. "He brings a lot of heart to the game. He gets up real high and tries to dunk everything."

``He's the highest-energy kid I've ever been around – as a player, coach or even as an opposing coach," NMH associate head coach John Carroll said. "His body just shoots out electricity out of his fingertips."

``He plays more above the rim than Jerrell," Carroll added.

Terrell is a 6-foot-7 small forward who doesn't play with the same type of intensity as his brother.

``He's more of a wing player who can shoot it," Jerrell said of his brother. "He's a good rebounder, a good defender and he brings a lot of passion to the game. He's long and athletic."

``He's focusing on becoming an elite defender," Carroll said of Terrell. "He held Jerome Dyson to 4 points in the first 16 minutes and held Ben Eaves to no field goals in the second half. He just doesn't have the same confidence and aggressiveness as his brother right now."

However, these brothers are more than just basketball.

``We wanted to come to Northfield to get better prepared for college," Terrell said. "It would give us an extra year to develop in the classroom and mature. The icing on the cake is the extra year to play ball."

The brothers are also getting ready to start a book on their childhood.

``Coming from an inner-city like Paterson and everything that has happened to us," said Jerrell. "We think it would be good because a lot of kids in Paterson don't have anyone to look up to. Coming from Paterson to where we're at now is a big accomplishment."

NMH got off to a rough start, but since the Jerrell's return, the team is 5-0.

The twins said that the schools that are currently recruiting them are George Washington, UMass, Florida State, Rutgers, Seton Hall, La Salle, Rhode Island, Providence, Utah and James Madison.

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