Foot Injury Sidelines Koufos

Canton Glen Oak is going to be without its horse for a while. Kosta Koufos, Glen Oak's 7-foot power forward is out with a foot injury.

"It was an accident," Kosta Koufos said. "It was my fault."

Glen Oak junior power forward Kosta Koufos is going to miss some time. He fractured the 5th metatarsal on his foot. "It could be worse," Koufos said.

How long he'll be out will be determined this week at a doctor's visit. "This Wednesday I'm going to the clinic. My foot feels fine right now and I took the whole weekend off. On Wednesday they're going to give me an opinion – rest would be a conservative way (to treat the injury) or there's a chance they could put a pin in it. In a way surgery could be beneficial because my foot would be stronger than it was before."

Koufos was having a big season at 24 points and 13.5 rebounds a game. "It's really frustrating but if you're down it's going to bring you down even more. I have to be positive and I'm just supporting the team."

Meanwhile, not much has changed on the recruiting front. "I'm trying to keep my options open right now. Ohio State, Louisville and Maryland are really interested in me."

A slew of teams are chasing Koufos but don't look for him to pick anytime soon. Places like Akron, Michigan State, Michigan and North Carolina are worth mention and surely there's more in the hunt.

Koufos said that despite the rash of early commitments from players in his class hasn't influenced him one bit. "Good for them," Koufos said of his peers who have committed. "They're going to have a bright future ahead of them.

"I'm not in any rush."

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