2008 Focus: Michael Harthun

Kyle Singler is the headliner at South Medford and deservedly so. That said, the squad has another high-major prospect on the roster and Michael Harthun will have his day. The sophomore guard deserves some press of his own.

South Medford is a strong high school team and it's not all about Kyle Singler. Sure, he's the best prospect and has earned all the credit he's on the receiving end for. However, five players on his team will play in college – three of them D-II or D-III.

"That's what kind of crazy," sophomore Michael Harthun said. "We have a good team and in our starting five three of our guys have already signed. Me and Kyle haven't signed obviously. It's not really known and there's not a lot of publicity but its getting better and we're getting known."

Enter Harthun. He's averaging 15 points a game and is a 6-foot-2 ½ combo guard. He was a standout at last year's Nike Hoop Jamboree and has built on the performance. At this point, we project him to be a high-major recruit.

At South Medford, he wears many hats. We list him as a point guard but he probably shouldn't be labeled anything but a combo during this stage of his career. "My whole life I've played point guard. Now that I've worked in my second year of high school, now that I start thinking about it, I'd kind of rather be a two guard. That's more my position right now and where I feel most comfortable. I'm comfortable at the point and I haven't played any two this year, maybe next year."

Obviously, with Singler on the roster there's going to be quite a bit of traffic in town when it comes to big time coaches. Harthun will have his chance to show-out with people in the gym.

"During football season, Coach K came from Duke. Oregon State has come down a couple of times. Lute Olson came down twice and we talked to him. The Kansas coach came and I got letters from all of them. Most of the schools that have come I've got a chance to talk to as well."

Clearly the in-state schools know all about Harthun. "Oregon State quite a bit and Oregon too. They've had me come up to their campus and watch games and talk to the coaches. That's probably the most serious that coaches have gotten other than Lute Olson coming down and talking to us."

Give it time and by the end of the summer the word will be out. In the meantime, South Medford is hoping to ride their stud junior and blossoming sophomore to big things at the end of the year.

"We've been winning and that's our main thing," Harthun said. "Our goal is to win states and I think we can do that."

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