Five For Friday: The Best Interviews

With some guys you simply ask the question, turn on the recorder and smile. They are media friendly and we love them! Need a good quote? Dial up the digits of one of these fellas and they'll do you right. "Five For Friday" this week tackles the great interviews.

Martellus Bennett didn't quite make the cut – mostly because he ended up going the gridiron route. He was so charismatic, at last year's All-American football game, they gave him his own camera and let him film a documentary.

Jerryd Bayless is a reliable quote machine -- one area that clearly he has O.J. Mayo beat, not that Mayo isn't talkative, it's just that Bayless gets it done in the interview room.

It's becoming more difficult nowadays to find guys that blow you away with their personality. Some are intimidated, some shy. Others just plain aren't all that articulate.

With that said, we take our best stab at the five best kids to interview over the last couple of years in this edition of "Five for Friday".

The Best Interviews

Ndi Ebi
On the list for shock value. During an interview he divulged a plan to intentionally fool select media members whom he didn't like. Told that it was a bad idea to lie about his college choice, Ebi stood down. When told jumping to the NBA was a mistake, he wasn't so receptive.
Jason Fraser
Just remember the way he announced his decision to attend Villanova. Articulate, likes to talk and can speak on just about anything. Because he's so likable it makes watching his rash of injuries pile up tougher to stomach with each season.
David Harrison
The former Colorado big man was as quirky as they come – and he didn't think before he spoke (which is always a plus for a reporter). A virtual quote machine and someone who made you think. In search of good quote himself, he nearly went into the stands at a KU game!
Brandon Bender
As a rising junior he announced to the nation that he was thinking about entering the NBA Draft. "Big B" wasn't afraid to speak his mind and sometimes that got him in hot water. A truly radical thinker about preps to pros, Bender spoke his peace and flashed a big smile.
Glenn Davis (Aka "Big Baby")
"Big Baby" has a charisma that is really unmatched. Whether it's the teddy bear look, the way he dances or the sincerity he has when he speaks, the LSU sophomore has no peer when it comes to the interview setting. One of the all-time greats at his craft!

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