Mats Madness Sophs and Frosh

The Mats Madness tournament over Memorial Day weekend in Fresno featured some fine young prospects, including Bryce Taylor, Curtis Allen, Vince Oliver, Tim Pierce and Derek Lee, among others...

Bryce Taylor, 6-3 SO SG, Studio City (Calif.) Harvard-Westlake. He is a scorer - able to score from anywhere on the court at anytime. Still pretty thin, but has two years to develop physically. A potentially elite prospect.

Curtis Allen, 6-4 SO SF/SG, Palos Verdes (Calif.) Rolling Hills Prep. Along with Taylor, among probably the top 3-5 wings in the West Coast sophomore class at this point. Athletic, skilled and has a great body. Sweet, lefty stroke with very good range.

Vince Oliver, 6-1 SO PG, Los Angeles (Calif.) Loyola. Solid point guard with a good body. Sees the court very well and feel for the position has improved dramatically in the last six months. If he gets quicker and more athletic he has a chance to be big-time.

Enrico Tucker, 5-10 SO PG, San Diego (Calif.) University. A very good athlete, Tucker is also a top running back. Decision-making is a big issue -- doesn't have a great feel for the game. Fairly good outside shot. Very quick and athletic, if he gets his game under control, he could be a solid point guard.

Derek Lee, 5-11 SO PG, Bakersfield (Calif.) High. The best sophomore point guard we saw at the tournament, and probably turned in the best performance in this tournament regardless of class. He has excellent ball-handling skills combined with great quickness, making him very difficult to defend. Can hit his outside jumper beyond the 3-point arc. Very nice, compact stroke.

Dwight O'Neil, 6-1 SO PG, Fresno (Calif.) Washington Union. He played point guard this weekend, which was a very smart move for him. He's very athletic, has a great body and some nice, raw talent.

Cornell Littlejohn, 6-0 SO PG, Fairfield (Calif.) Vanden. Pretty thin and narrow, but talented player. He likes to shoot first, mainly because he has unconscious range out to about 28 feet (and he didn't have much talent on his team). Very quick and penetrates well. Can pass the ball when he chooses to give it up. If he continues to develop his point guard skills, definitely one to watch.

Tim Pierce, 6-5 SO SG/SF, Oakland (Calif.) Fremont. A scorer with great range, he has a nice body and if continues to develop, could be one of the best in the class by his senior year.

Carl Ross, 6-3 SO SG Fresno (Calif.) Bullard. Good-sized scorer with deep range and a solid handle. With work, he could end up playing some point guard.

Titus Shelton, 6-6 FR PF, Bakersfield (Calif.) High. The son of former NBAer Lonnie Shelton, Titus is big, long, athletic and has good skills for a freshman. He's come a long way from when we even first saw him in December. If he gets just two more inches in the next three years, he'll be a huge recruiting target.

Rashad Austin, 6-6 FR PF, Claremont (Calif.) High. Big and rangy, Austin is all over the court, impacting the game with his athleticism. Fairly decent shot facing up, no real inside post moves yet. If he, like Shelton, grows just a bit, he'll be a big-time prospect.

Andre McGee, 5-10 FR PG, Moreno Valley (Calif.) Canyon Springs. Probably the quickest point guard in Southern California, there isn't a defender who can stay with him. His first step and jukes are something to see. Terrific range when he's on, but the concept of good shot/bad shot hasn't yet occurred to him. He's pretty slight, but is only a freshman. Needs to learn how to play the point under control. But if he does, he'll get big looks.

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