Patterson's List Taking Shape

The top junior in West Virginia is making his rounds and he's got his early list. Patrick Patterson talks about his recruiting and what kind of a timetable he's on.

He's strong, a student and he can play facing the basket. That's Huntington (W.V.) High junior forward Patrick Patterson in a nutshell. Combine those traits and you get offers early from colleges.

Plus, it's not likely Patterson isn't a producer. The Class of 2007 power forward says you can count on him for 14 points, 13 rebounds and 6 blocks each time out. For his handiwork, he can count on scholarship offers from Kentucky, Wake Forest, Virginia, Virginia Tech, West Virginia and Florida.

"They all see me as a versatile big man," Patterson told

Patterson has been to a number of campuses, most recently Kentucky's. "They had asked if we wanted to come down to a game," Patterson said. "They showed us around and showed us the old basketball coliseum and they showed us the player's dorm and around campus.

"They said I'm one of their high recruits right now."

Despite the rash of commitments from members of his class, Patterson said couldn't pick a college unless he's seen the campus. So far, he's been to UK, Wake Forest, Virginia Tech and West Virginia.

"I'm looking to make visits to Florida, Wake Forest and Virginia pretty soon."

As the process continues to evolve, Patterson has a semblance of when he'd prefer to make his decision. "Me and my family talked about it and we'll either commit at the end of the basketball season or we'll wait until my senior year."

That means there's a window where a team could lock him up but campus visits are increasingly more difficult to make as both the high school and college teams steam toward the post-season.

The 6-foot-8 forward told exactly what he's looking for. "Where I fit on the roster and the amount of playing time I'll get plus the relationship between my family and the basketball, the academics and the distance away from my family."

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