Singler Schedules Another Unofficial

Kyle Singler is wading his way through the recruiting process and so far it's been a positive experience for the skilled perimeter player from South Medford. Singler was recently on the road and he hits the circuit again later this month for another unofficial visit.

Already 4 of the Top 10 players from the Class of 2007 have made commitments. The trend of early verbals is at its highest peak. Kyle Singler, South Medford's 6-foot-8 small forward and's No. 6 prospect can't explain it.

"I have no idea," Singler said. "I would say to get it out of the way."

Singler, who says he doesn't feel burdened by the process in the least bit, won't be making a decision anytime soon to merely "get it out of the way." Call him crazy, but he'd like to do it the old fashioned way and take in some official visits.

"Basically, I want to take my visits to certain colleges. When I take those visits I'll have a better feel for what college I want to go to. After that it'll take me about a month to make my decision."

Singler's manageable list of 5 schools – UCLA, Duke, Arizona, Kansas, North Carolina – is your basic who's who of college basketball and he's got a handle on each of them.

"Actually, I've already been to UCLA and I loved it there. I'm actually going to go to Duke not this weekend but the next (Feb. 18). After those two visits, my list is going to get shorter and my decision making more clear for me."

Singler visited UCLA with his pal Kevin Love and though close to Chapel Hill when he makes his run to Durham to check on the Blue Devils, his upcoming stop on the east coast is based more on a trip to Duke. Time permitting he could find his way to the Heels' campus but for all intents and purposes, he's on a Duke unofficial.

Much has been made of the Singler-Love relationship and its potential for continuing collegiately together. Singler is realistic about the future and paints a picture of wanting to play with Love but understanding each has to make his own decision.

"There's been talk about me and Kevin going to the same college. I love playing with Kevin and he's a good fit for me but in the end when we make our decisions it'll be what fits Kevin best and what fits me best. That's the best way to describe it.

"I'm making my own decision and Kevin's making his own. He's looking at Duke, North Carolina and UCLA and those schools are on top of my list too."

Singler contends that while he'd like to officially visit all five schools on his list, there are no guarantees. Regardless, his process appears to be quite a ways from ending as he seeks to get comfortable with his choices.

"Just having the right vibe and a gut feeling (are important). I want to have a good relationship with the school and the coach and being around good people."

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