Wafer Low-Key About Recruitment

The Kingwood Classic in Houston put Vakeaton Wafer on the map. Since his breakout performance, his recruitment has taken off. However, he seems to be keeping it all in perspective.

Wafer Keeps Things In Perspective

Vakeaton Wafer, a 6-5 small forward from Lisbon (LA) Pineview, used the Houston Kingwood Classic as his springboard to national prominence. Since that tournament, he's seen him national reputation soar.

At the recent Memorial Day tournament in Bloomington, his Arkansas Wings team wasn't able to replicate the playoff success it had at the Kingwood event. Regardless, Wafer has blossomed into a hot name on the national scene and averaged 27 points a game at the Nike event.

Wafer says he receives in excess of 10-15 express mail packages a day. "My life hasn't changed," Wafer said. "I'm just a known person right now. I'm still the same Von."

Maybe so, but the pre-May Von wasn't receiving recruiting attention from Indiana, Arkansas, Texas, Kansas State, Florida, Maryland, Mississippi, Cincinnati, Charlotte, Oklahoma State, LSU, Louisiana Tech, Fresno State.

He's receiving attention from all over and is not close to committing to a firm list of schools at this point and there is no leader.

"It's wide open," Wafer said. "I don't even know. I haven't been looking into it really."

Wafer is so new to the recruiting process that at this point, he's happy just being a prospect. It wasn't until late May at the Kingwood event that he even realized his abilities. "I didn't have any idea what coaches were going to be there," Wafer said. "Our goal was to just try to make it to Sunday. We made it to Sunday and that's all I was basically concerned with. I guess it was meant to be. I just felt I wasn't that good. I really didn't know why I wasn't getting any attention before."

Nowadays, people know Vakeaton Wafer but more importantly, they know how good he is.

Wafer will attend Nike All-American Camp and could possibly attend the USA Basketball Youth Development Festival later this month.

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