McCamey Making Transition

The transition hasn't been easy, but all you have to do is look at his team's record to get a good feel for how Demetri McCamey has made the adjustment to the point.

It was an experiment that neither Gene Pingatore nor Demetri McCamey knew how it would fare.

But all you have to do is look at the team's 21-1 record to know the result.

McCamey has always been considered more of a shooting guard. With his strong physical game, it was just natural to have him playing off the ball.

However, Pingatore, the head coach at St. Joseph's (Ill.) needed someone to have the ball in his hands – and he opted to give McCamey a shot as the point guard.

``I wasn't sure how it was going to work, but it's turned out real well," Pingatore said.

``It's been good," added McCamey. "It's a learning experience. I have to learn to make the right decisions. It's been tough, but I think it's gone well for the most part."

McCamey is averaging 15 points and 6.5 assists so far this season – and his team just clinched the conference title over the weekend.

One of the reasons he's been able to make the acclimation without much difficulty is because he ran the point this past summer with the Illinois Wolves.

McCamey, a 3.0 student who made the honor roll this past semester, is a guy who can get to the basket and finish with his strength. His outside shot has improved significantly, according to Pingatore, over the past year – but it still needs to become more consistent.

``He can hit the three and also goes to the basket like a train," Pingatore said. "He also sees the floor well, and when he wants to, he defends the ball really well."

``He needs to learn how to be a better rebounder from the point guard spot," added Pingatore. "He's such a big body, so he can do that."

McCamey said that academics, coaching style and the atmosphere at the school will all play a part in his decision. Right now, he's got a plethora of options – Wake Forest, Miami, UConn, Kentucky, Pittsburgh, Virginia, Clemson, Illinois, Wisconsin, Purdue, DePaul and Villanova.

In fact, he attended Villanova's victory over the weekend against DePaul.

``I know I have to cut it down soon," McCamey said.

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