Five For Friday: Top 100 Recruits

"Five For Friday" broke down a five-year run (2000-2004) to see who signed the most Top 100 players during that stretch. Any guess as to who penned the most studs?

For the purposes of our study, "Five For Friday" examined's Top 100 lists from the high school graduating classes of 2000-2004. The 5-year window yielded some interesting results.

By the way, if your favorite school isn't on this list, consider the following factors: small recruiting classes during the time, coaching changes and transfers. We only counted the player with the school he originally signed. Now, not every Top 100 player panned out but as you can see, a number of schools took full advantage of the influx of talent.

Most Top 100 Kids 2000-04

11 Top 100 Players
Schools - Kansas, Syracuse, Arizona, Maryland, Michigan and Georgia Tech. Nipping at their heels were 8 teams that inked 10 Top 100 kids during the same time span.
12 Top 100 Players
Schools - North Carolina, Michigan State, Illinois. There's a lot of Final Four appearances in that group as a result of the talent influx.
13 Top 100 Players
School - Connecticut. That's right, it's time for the traditional recruiting powerhouses to hold an induction ceremony because UConn is the next pledge into the fraternity.
14 Top 100 Players
School - Missouri. This one might surprise some folks given what happened recently in Columbia but Quin Snyder got after it on the recruiting trail and brought talent to the Tigers.
15 Top 100 Players
School - Florida. UF's transformation from football powerhouse to hoops hot spot began the day Billy Donovan was hired in 1996 and it hasn't slowed since. Billy D's program ages like a fine wine.

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