Fogel Draws Interest

Avi Fogel, a 6-1 junior point guard from Torrey Pines in Encinitas, Calif., had a solid showing in the recent Mats Madness tournament. We spoke with him about the schools he's been hearing from...

Avi Fogel, 6-1 JR PG Encinitas (Calif.) Torrey Pines, played very well in the recent Mats Madness tournament in Fresno. Fogel made good decisions, showed a solid outside shot and competed very well.

We spoke with Fogel last night and learned that most of the Ivy League, along with San Diego, San Diego St. and Rice, have been expressing interest. Princeton came to Fogel's school during the contact period, while other schools have been calling his high school coach.

Fogel says he doesn't have any problem going across the country for college. "It doesn't matter," Fogel said. "I wouldn't mind going east, but I could stay closer as well."

Fogel said his mother would like to have him close to home, but he says there is no pressure for him to stay in the west. "The education and how the team runs -- how I get along with the players -- those will be the main factors," Fogel said. "A good relationship between the players is important if you're going to win."

It doesn't look like Fogel will have a decision anytime soon. "I haven't really thought about it too much yet," Fogel said. "I haven't narrowed down my list at all."

Fogel will play with BWBA at the Big Time and Best of Summer in July. He'll also attend the Pump camp.

Fogel said his GPA is around 3.2 and he just took the SAT.




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