Four Emerge With Beverley

Chicago Marshall didn't expect to exit early from the city playoffs but it took a tough loss Wednesday night. Regardless, Marshall's Patrick Beverley remains one of the hot new spring signing period names.

Marshall High dropped one this week that cost it a chance at the Chicago Public League championship. However, its state title hopes are alive and the chance for a dream season remains.

Speaking of dreams seasons, it's been that and then some for senior guard Patrick Beverley. The 6-foot-2 guard has put up gaudy numbers, including 37 in his team's last loss, and drawn the attention of colleges across the nation.

"He plays with a lot of energy and that type stuff," one high-major coach said. "He's a very good player."

His high school coach, Lamar Bryant, told that Beverley is looking hard at 4 schools. "We've got St. John's, Virginia, Michigan and Arkansas." Bryant said that Wake Forest, Florida State, Missouri and Seton Hall have all made calls about his guard.

"We really haven't just sat down and talked. There's been so much distraction that we haven't given it much thought."

Bryant said that when his star does sit down and commit himself to evaluating his schools, two things will come into play. "Any student-athlete should look at the graduation rate and then see if he can come in and be productive as a freshman."

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