Five For Friday: Spring Targets

We've known for a long time that few key recruits are available this spring. With that said, "Five For Friday" names a handful of players who will have a hand in shaping the spring period.

Tis the season for water cooler conversations about the latest coaching changes. Turnover in the business of college basketball is inevitable and so are the rumors of your favorite/least favorite coach's demise. With change comes opportunity and in this case, the opportunity to sign players.

There are probably just two impact high schoolers still on the board but there are few prospects capable of stepping in next season and having a hand in a team's success. Getting involved with these athletes at this stage in the game might be a tall order but for the chosen few who could ascend up the coaching ladder, "Five For Friday" reveals its best spring options and 5 players worth making the call on.

Top Available Spring Talent

Jason Bennett, C
Michigan, Clemson and an assortment of others are keeping tabs on him in case Bob Huggins can't seal the deal. All 7-foot-1 of him is unsigned and that means there's a spring shot blocker on the board.
Patrick Beverley, G
Chi-Town's most prolific scorer this season flew under the radar but now has Michigan, Arkansas, St. John's and Virginia trailing him. New skipper's looking for a scorer to captain his ship should make the call.
Russell Westbrook, G
Win the press conference and games with this late bloomer. A 25-point per game scorer with a 3.5+ GPA from a high school that produced Dorell Wright. Mid-majors are buckled up for the wild ride.
Lance Thomas, F
Need a power forward and point guard? Convince Thomas to bring pal Eugene Harvey and problem solved. There's no doubting this Thomas likes Rutgers and Duke. Will Coach K put on the full court press?
Darrell Arthur, F
Now that IU is out and Texas is involved, this weekend's bout with Kansas is even cooler. He's let in one new school this month which is encouraging if you've just landed a brand new high-major job.

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