Claitt Still Alive; Averages 20 Points

Corey Claitt and Palm Beach Lakes are in the hunt. They've got title on their minds but at the same time, this mid-major prospect has a few schools tracking his progress.

Mid-majors seeking a scoring guard in the spring should take a gander down at Palm Beach Lakes senior guard Corey Claitt. The 6-foot-2 standout finds a way to put the ball in the bucket.

"Right now he's averaging 20.9 points and just under 4 assists," Palm Beach Lakes coach Lorenzo Hands, a former FSU standout, said. "He's one of the most competitive kids. He's very competitive and one of my most successful kids. This will be his 3rd final four. He's had close to 1,500 career points and he's started since his freshman year."

How in the world has he managed to fly under the radar so long? "Good question," Hands said. "I think it has something to do with AAU. A lot of people questioned his attitude but that's not the case. I think he went out with the South Florida Heat and ended up not finishing there. It was more me wanting to work with him than anything else."

Jacksonville, South Florida and High Point are calling on him.

"If you start talking high-major he's hit or miss. I think he would be most successful at a mid-major. I think he's just a scorer."

Hmm. That sounds like a young man that could make a mid-major program happy this spring.

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