Olu Famutimi Update

As is often the case with superior athletes, they fail to develop and wind up relying on their athleticism to get by. That's not the case with Olu Famutimi. TheInsidersHoops.com checks in with the latest in his recruitment.

Famutimi Looking At Five

At last month's Bob Gibbons Tournament of Champions, Olu Famutimi made it clear that he's been working on his game, especially at the offensive end. If developing offense from deep and off the dribble was his goal, then mission accomplished.

"He's getting good," Michigan Hurricanes coach Chris Grier said. "I'm telling you he's getting very good. He's learning the game; he's slowed his game down. His actual half court game has come along. He can come off the screen, catch, give you an array of dribbles; he has some moves now. "To his credit, the kid believes in working and has a desire. Every year he has gotten better. That's good enough for me."

Apparently, it's good enough for some of America's top basketball programs. Right now, his list reads Arkansas, Michigan State, Missouri, Duke and Louisville. Each program has its own positives.

"We want to visit Arkansas," Grier said. "They are in there but they are in there because we know and like Coach Heath. We can't even fathom what Arkansas is like."

And then there's Duke. "What kid in America doesn't want to go to Duke? What kid doesn't want to play with the best players?" Grier said. However, Famutimi surprisingly did not setup a post-tournament meeting with the Duke staff after the Tournament of Champions. Head coach Mike Krzyzewski hasn't seen Olu since last summer, but Grier contends that Duke sent Steve Wojciechowski to Michigan for a visit and feels like the Devils have offered.

Then, you have Michigan State. "He played with Kelvin Torbert. That's like his big brother."

And Missouri? "Tony Harvey is the best recruiter in the business," Grier said. "Period. Those kids love him. Quin Snyder's style and charisma goes well with the kids."

Grier is equally impressed with a certain Louisville assistant. "If Tony Harvey is the best recruiter, then Mick Cronin is the second best. And then (Rick) Pitino. Louisville's style might fit Olu the best because of the pressing, the trapping, the shooting and the dunking."

Grier says that anything can happen, but doesn't see Famutimi deciding until at least after the summer. "It's hard for him to really narrow it down because every situation has so many good things."

Famutimi has seen the campus of every school that is recruiting him except for Arkansas.

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