Five For Friday: Recruiting Surprises

Nobody likes to be caught off guard but it happens. "Five For Friday" addresses a few instances in which the recruits caught us by surprise in the Class of 2006.

The internet age often times takes the guesswork out of recruiting. Many times, fans, coaches and anyone with a login and password to has a pretty good idea of what a young is going to do before he actually does it.

Every now and then, when the situation is on the verge of going one way, the young man throws a curve. Here are some curveballs from the Class of 2006.

Recruiting Surprises

Shamari Spears
The surprise wasn't that he picked Boston College but the timing caught everyone off guard. Spears called to inform us of his choice while traveling back from B.C. Charlotte, Virginia, Marquette and St. John's were disappointed by the timing.
Jodie Meeks
Alabama did everything right and Mark Gottfried only missed one of his games during the entire spring/summer. Florida was all over him too. BUT, Kentucky's last minute move was swift and lethal.
Duke Crews
Most of the time its the pick that catches everyone off guard. In Crews' case, he dropped the bomb when Tennessee made the final four cut and some other schools expecting to survive the trim were left out. Once the Vols survived the cut it was over.
Doug Wiggins
He caught the recruiting world by surprise when days before the early signing period he pulled a switcheroo and left St. John's in a pickle. For a Connecticut native to pick the in-state school is no surprise. The last minute change of heart was one of the stories of the year.
Brandan Wright
It took 4 phone calls confirming his commitment before we actually believed it. Why? Because we thought UNC was 4th on the list and Kentucky, Vanderbilt and Duke were probably thinking the same thing. This one had them talking for weeks!

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