Eshaunte Jones Hoping to Break Out

Eshaunte Jones goes by the nickname "Bear" and that's just what the Fort Wayne, Ind., junior guard is hoping to be to his opponents this spring and summer.

Eshaunte Jones is hoping for a breakthrough this spring and summer.

The 6-foot-4, 175-pound guard at Fort Wayne Northside (Ind.) finished out a strong junior campaign in which his team was knocked out of the postseason by Tennessee-bound guard Marques Johnson and Fort Wayne Snider.

``It was my best scoring season in high school, but not my best all-around," Jones said. "I'm looking to really have a breakout summer and turn some heads."

Jones has a Shaun Livingston-esque body, but needs to work on his decision-making in order to become more of a Livingston-type of floor leader.

``That's big because the point guard in the leader of the team and the players look up to the point guard," Jones said. "I've got to win games, distribute the ball and win championships."

Jones will once again play for Blessed IJN this spring and summer – and will team with Zach Payton in the backcourt.

Jones mentioned schools such as Iowa State, Miami, Illinois, Indiana, Purdue and Michigan State – but academics are more of the priority for now.

``I'm just focused on my grades right now," Jones said. "When the year ends, then I'll start to look at recruiting a little more."

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