Arthur's On His Own Timetable

South Oak Cliff senior power forward Darrell Arthur recently captured his second state title. Now, it's getting time to make a collegiate decision.

James Mays, the head coach at Dallas South Oak Cliff, told that his star Darrell Arthur has most of the information he needs to make a decision. At this point, no new official visits are in the works.

"The visits are pretty much over with," Mays said. "Right now we're going to make a decision. There's not enough time (to make official visits) and he's got too many obligations right now."

The coach said Arthur, a McDonald's All-American selection, doesn't have a particular time frame for the decision. "We're not on a timetable; we haven't been on a timetable since day one. The way I want my kids to be recruited is that you take your time and when you are comfortable you make a decision. It's not like he'll be searching for a place to play."

Mays is right, Arthur won't be short on suitors. With the elimination of Indiana following Mike Davis' resignation, Kansas, Baylor and SMU remain from the original list. The coach said that a few schools have come in but wasn't sure of their overall involvement.

"We're going to leave it with what we got now. We decided to entertain Texas, UConn and Arizona. It wasn't a big stretch to do that because they were on the outside a while.

"They're pretty involved. I don't know the extent like the other schools but they're involved."

Mays said that Arthur won't be taking any more official visits. There simply isn't enough time given his post-season tournament schedule. He's been to Texas but if he picked Arizona or Connecticut it would be without the benefit of an official campus visit.

The scuttlebutt since the Indiana elimination has been that KU made its move. "Kansas has been in all the time," Mays said. "They've been in since day one and they've been there as long as anyone since Baylor. I can't say that they're ahead of anybody else but they've done their work."

Can Arthur really pick a school without visiting campus? "I can't say as far as that but I know he's got a working relationship with the coaches. He's been to those schools unofficially through AAU play. I don't think it's a big thing other than he hasn't been there (on official visits)."

So, at this point, what is driving Arthur? What's important in his decision making process? Mays lent his insight.

"I think he really needs to know that wherever he goes it's not just about basketball. That's cliché and he understands that part of the business but they need to have some type of personal touch, take some interest in the kid off the court and just be there for the kid. That's the biggest thing about waiting around and not committing early. He needs to feel genuineness from the people that he's dealing with."

Arthur has charted his own course since the beginning of his recruitment. At this stage, there's no reason to rush to judgment as the schools on his list are committed to seeing his process all the way through. He's under zero time constraints so the process could end this month or even months from now. The bottom line is that more than ever, Arthur can take his time.

The ball's in his court; always has been.

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