Bright Daye

Austin Daye has the bloodlines with his father, Darren, a former NBA player who played at UCLA. Now Austin also has the size over his father.

There weren't all that many people that saw Austin Daye last summer, but for those that did, they may not recognize him any more.

Daye, the son of former NBA player Darren Daye, has sprouted up more than four inches to 6-foot-9 and is hoping to make a name for himself in the summer – unlike a year ago when he was recovering from a broken elbow.

Despite the growth spurt, Daye played small forward this past season at Woodbridge High (Calif.) and averaged 17 points per game in the regular season and 24 in the postseason.

``I think I did more than I expected this year, especially in the playoffs," said Daye, who was first-team All-CIF and also the MVP of the league.

Daye broke his elbow around this time a year ago when he blocked a shot against the backboard and his elbow popped back, requiring two pins and a couple months of rehab.

``No one has really seen me since I was 6-4 or 6-5," Daye said. "I want to get my name out there and get some national recognition. Last summer was tough being hurt."

When Daye plays 1-on-1 against his father, who played at UCLA, it's a contrast of styles.

``He's a very good shooter," Darren Daye said. "He handles the ball well for someone his size. He's getting stronger as his body develops."

The elder Daye, who played at 6-6 ½ and 220 pounds, was more of a driver back in his day.

When the pair go at it, it's a toss-up to who comes out victorious.

``It's pretty even," Darren said. "He beats me and I beat him. Sometimes it gets physical. He takes it personally when I beat him. The hardest thing is that he's got 40 or 50 pounds on me."

Daye, who plans to play with 94 X 50 this spring and summer, said that his father's alma mater, UCLA, isn't all that aggressive in their pursuit. However, he mentioned Arizona State, Arizona, Oregon, Washington and Gonzaga.

``I want to go somewhere where I can play my sophomore year," Daye said. "And a little my freshman year."

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