SEC Calls Former German Player

The South Carolina Gamecocks scored a prospect that is completely under the radar – this is at least until he picked the SEC school. Meet Dave Odom's newest Gamecock.

Last year at this time, Aaron Ellis was hooping for a small school on a military base in Germany. This time next season, Ellis will be playing a wing spot on an SEC campus.

The 6-foot-8, 190 pound wing player out of Myrtle Beach Carolina Forest, committed to the Gamecocks after hearing from Clemson, Richmond, Texas A&M and UNC-Wilmington. The product of a military family, Ellis made the decision to come to the United States to pursue his ultimate dream of playing college basketball.

"Last summer I was in Germany," Ellis said. "I just moved down here the end of summer. My dad's in the army but my parents are still over there and I'm living with my older brother."

The All-Region selection said he was a double-figure guy in scoring and rebounding. The humble young man spoke about his overall game. "I'd say its kind of game where I look for my teammates before I look for myself. I think something that caught their eye was that I play defense and I don't always look to score. To be honest, I just love playing."

Sounds like a Dave Odom kind of guy. In fact, the coach pretty much fell for Ellis and made his move quickly. "I think they were at a game and Coach Odom came in and talked to my head coach and asked for my information. My coach told him that this was my first year here.

"Dave Odom came down here and seen me twice. They talked to my mom in Germany and they seemed like they were the most interested. They were the only one that offered me and everybody else was sending letters and calling."

From Germany to Myrtle Beach to the Gamecocks … it's a great story.

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