Sharpshooter Has One Visit Completed

Blake Adams recently completed an official visit to a Big 12 school. The Houston (TX) Nimitz sniper has two schools running neck and neck with a third still in the picture.

OSU, TCU Teams To Beat

Blake Adams is a self made sniper on the perimeter. Shooting the basketball is what he does best and by the sound of it, what he's most proud of.

"I feel like that's the part (of my game) that has improved the most," Adams said. "I could shoot last year but it was kind of funny looking. I looked like a streak shooter. Now, I feel confident every time I let it go. I've worked on the release and gotten stronger." And it shows.

The Houston Select shooter has turned in a fine spring and early summer with his traveling team. In fact, he's been good enough to draw plenty of attention.

So far, the list reads Oklahoma State, Texas Christian and Virginia. "I visited two of them," Adams said. He went to Oklahoma State the weekend of May 17. He's also been to TCU unofficially. Virginia, though not as strong, remains in the picture. "They have a shot. I just haven't talked to them. They told me to call but I have to find the number. I'll be calling pretty soon."

The favorite in this race appears to be Oklahoma State and this recruitment is a sprint rather than a marathon. "If I'm lucky, it'll be over before school starts. That's what I want to do," Adams said.

With that said, Adams knows what he's looking for. "Seeing if I am going to be able to step in and play right away," he said. "That's basically it: what they have team-wise and if they get a little [TV] exposure."

He averaged 15 points and 7 rebounds a game last year.

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