A Happy Kamp-er

After missing a good portion of his junior season with a foot injury, Mountain View's Harper Kamp rebounded with another state title. The 6-foot-7 junior power forward talks about his return and his recruiting with Scout.com.

The season wasn't going well for Mesa (Ariz.) Mountain View's Harper Kamp. The 6-foot-7 power forward missed a good portion of his junior season with a foot injury, specifically a stress fracture.

With the possibility of defending his state title as his inspiration, Kamp recovered and played the second half of the year. "I recovered pretty well from that and we went undefeated and won our second state title in a row," Kamp said.

The young man with the 4.1 GPA is going to have his suitors. In fact, he's already got a few pursuing him arduously. "Right now New Mexico and USC and Cal are probably on me the hardest," Kamp said. "Stanford has been on me hard too."

Kamp is a unique player. He's almost the definition of old school. Not the flashiest or most athletic player, Kamp hammers away at it until he gets the results he wants.

"I think that I've never been able to rely on my athleticism so I have to work on my game a lot more. I have to be able to use my body with angles and things like that. I have to learn how to get a shot off if I can't get my jump hook off."

Kamp isn't concerned about the style of play. In his mind, he'll adapt to what the coach asks him to do. It's more about relationships for the Arizona big man. "I think style is not as important as just a relationship with the head coach," Kamp said. "As a player I can fit my game to play any style the coach wants me to. I'll run harder and get more rebounds; whatever the coach wants me to do. Style isn't as important as getting to know the players and the coach and how he works."

Kids are committing at a prolific rate around the country but Kamp isn't on the same timetable. "There's definitely some schools leaning on me. I certainly want to try and commit by the end of the summer. I'm really going to try and improve my stock this summer and see how I do."

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