Coach Speaks On Boateng

Eric Boateng is transferring from Duke University. caught up with the coach of the former St. Andrews standout to gain some insight into what the future holds.

In the Class of 2005, Eric Boateng was's No. 36 prospect and 3rd-ranked center overall. He totaled minimal time at Duke as a freshman and this week announced his intention to transfer. He'll have 3 seasons of eligibility remaining.

The 6-foot-10 Boateng hails from England and is a relative newcomer to the game. He was recruited out of high school by Notre Dame, Georgetown, Michigan, Villanova, Boston College, UCLA, Xavier and Georgia Tech. He won't be able to pick another ACC school but many of the programs mentioned will likely take another crack at him.

"We're meeting this weekend at St. Andrews," Boateng's high school coach Bob Rue said. "I moved to New York this year, I'm not at St. Andrews anymore. We'll meet with one or two people close to Eric. Both Eric and I agreed that nobody should be talking to coaches until everything was official at Duke. We're just starting to talk to people and after this weekend we'll have a better idea of who is involved."

The question for Boateng could turn into one of mid-major vs. high-major. One thing is certain; the center will seek the same criteria the first time around, with academics being important.

"There really is no specific place or places at this point," Rue said. "We've got to figure that out. What he'll be looking for is what he sought the first time – a great school with good basketball people where he can go and play a lot and be counted on.

"This transfer is not one of those bitter, angry transfers. He doesn't feel angry or mistreated it's just a matter of him wanting more of an opportunity to play. He's still that phenomenal kid with a great work ethic with the same desire to be a great teammate."

Rue indicated that Boateng will look at mid and high-major programs.

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