Meet Scott Martin

Valparaiso High has a pair of high-major wings (and big ones) on their roster. Robbie Hummel made his mark last summer now its Scott Martin's turn to score some attention.

The SYF Players boast one of the finest rosters of talent on the traveling team circuit. They're pretty much loaded with guys like Robbie Hummel and E'Twaun Moore. They've got size in the post and a young backcourt player in Cordell Passley.

What might come as a bit of a surprise is Scott Martin. He's a 6-foot-7 small forward who not only plays alongside Hummel in high school but also is his running mate with SYF.

Martin is by no means a household name heading into the meat of the spring season. Still, there are a few programs who knew about him and he's quickly coming on after flying under the radar.

"He played with our 16s last year and he didn't have the exposure that our 17 year olds have," SYF coach Wayne Brumm said. "I brought him up with us in July and he traveled with us then. He still came in and contributed to us last July even though he wasn't a full time member of our team."

Martin has a resume, just not a national reputation. He averaged 20.3 points and 7 rebounds for his high school team. "Scott hasn't hit the national scene yet because he hasn't played at the 17-year-old level from start to finish.

"To be quite honest, E'Twaun Moore, Robbie Hummel and even Cordell Passley, they're all under the radar nationally."

Martin isn't upset that he's taken some time to emerge. He's more motivated than mad. "Right now I'm kind of shooting a little crappy but I'm starting to get going. I really want to just show what I got; that motivates me … to show what I can do."

The lefty draws rave reviews for his compact and accurate stroke from deep and mid-range. He's got a feel for the game and is a strong passer. There's reason to like him and he's a lock high-major wing player with good size. His coach says there's also room to max out his talents.

"My biggest criticism of him is, and he's just about over it, is that he doesn't play with the athleticism that he's got," Brumm said. "You watch him play and you think he's just an average athlete. He's an unbelievable athlete but he doesn't play with that extra level and sense of urgency. That's what we're trying to bring out of him right now."

If Brumm can get it out of him then the secret will most certainly be out. In fact, Martin is the kind of secret that a lot of schools aren't willing to share, and there's even been speculation that some of the schools are intentionally trying to keep his profile low so he doesn't blow up any further.

"I've heard that a little bit," Martin said.

Brumm said Northwestern was the first to really notice his talents. Martin said Valparaiso was the first school to offer. Purdue was also ahead of the curve with its evaluation of Martin and quickly pulled the trigger with an offer.

Michigan is in the mix. Ball State, prior to its coaching change was a factor as well as Bowling Green and Xavier also watched him early on. Wisconsin and DePaul know how good he is and rumor has it that the new Indiana staff will be hawking him this spring.

"I need a team that kind of fits my style. I like the Princeton offense a lot. I'm a big fan of that. It's different than what everybody else runs. I also like motion a lot, that's what we run. The academics are very important to me. After basketball I want to be able to make some money."

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