All Is Well With Butch

Brian Butch leaves Tuesday for USA Basketball. The center prospect enters the July period as one of the fastest rising players. His list remains unchanged at this point.

Four Visit Slots Likely Filled

Appleton West center Brian Butch has already visited Arizona and that trip went off without a hitch. "It was good," Butch said. "The people are very nice around there. It was a basketball city."

With Arizona's visit on the books, Butch is taking a rest from the visitation circuit. He has a September trip lined up with North Carolina. He feels like at this point, Kansas will receive an official visit. Wisconsin is also positioned well for the fourth visit.

Should those preliminary plans hold up, that would leave Tennessee, Marquette, Stanford and Iowa in the mix for the fifth and final trip.

Butch will attend ABCD Camp in July and travel around with Ritchie Davis' Fox Valley Skillz program.

So, it looks like his recruitment will proceed until at least September. As it moves forward, Butch has an idea of what he's looking for. "I'll be looking at the comfort level that I see when I'm on campus; the people that I'll be around."

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