Brackins Turns It Around

Things were bleak for Craig Brackins. His grades were floundering and he appeared as one of those "potential" guys who was pegged for junior college. However, the California native opted to go the prep school route and his game isn't the only thing on the rise.

Craig Brackins doesn't believe in excuses.

The California native is forthcoming when he gives the reason for his move to Chicago and Boys to Men Academy prior to this past season.

``It was my grade situation," said the 6-foot-10, 215-pound junior. "It was my fault. I was lazy and felt like I could get by without doing much, but I realized I couldn't." ``I'm doing much better since I decided to go to prep school," he added.

Not just off the court, either.

Brackins has added about 15 pounds and has turned himself into one of the top available big men in the Class of 2007.

``I started off sluggish early in the year, but I pushed myself in practice and next thing you know I was playing much better," Brackins said.

Despite a minor knee injury, Brackins played with his new traveling team, the Las Vegas Prospects, this past weekend in Las Vegas – and will play the next two weekends at tournaments in Vegas as well.

Brackins said the Pittsburgh and Pacific were the two schools that stuck by him even when his academic situation was questionable. They are both still in the mix, but now his list of suitors has grown: Washington, Washington State, Iowa State and UNLV has joined the fray.

``The biggest thing for me is the relationship I have with the coach," Brackins said. "I want to go somewhere I can trust the coaches and somewhere with a good atmosphere."

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