McClain Making Huge Strides

As a whole, the Class of 2007 seems a bit unmotivated these days. With so many kids already committed the incentive to crank it up and get it done is at an all time low. Enter Anthony McClain. He's one of the only guys making a move this spring.

Back in Fort Washington, Md., at National Christian, center Anthony McClain has been putting in work. Under the tutelage of coach Trevor Brown, the 7-footer's progress has been steady and following last weekend's showing at the Real Deal On The Hill, quite noticeable.

"I think I'm more confident. I have more confidence in the things that I do on the court. It came this year. I had a chance to step up and do what I do and I had more freedom. I post up and play hard."

Kids take note. McClain didn't turn heads last weekend because he put up gaudy numbers. Nope, that wasn't the case at all. He won over admirers because of simple, yet effective post move.

McClain caught it in the paint, turned and scored. Really, it was that easy. Now, he's got a nice touch and defensively he'll get after some shots but it really was the simplicity of his offense that 1) proved he can be a post scorer 2) alerted the college guys to a big man who can get it done on the blocks. Not to mention that he's made steady progress since his first year under Brown.

"The year before I was new to the game and I didn't know what I know now," McClain said. "I've been working on my footwork and my jumping and my agility."

On the AAU level, when he's running with D.C. Assault, he has an advantage: no one expects him to hurt them. "The attention is not on me. The attention is on Mike (Beasley), Nolan (Smith) and Austin (Freeman). That makes it easier on me since they don't know me. I sneak up on them a little."

Not any more. ranked him among its Top 50 prospects and he's making good on his promise and potential. Still, there's little question he's flown a bit below the radar.

However, programs are keenly aware of who he is, some more than others. "It's down to a couple of schools, I'm not going to say which schools but it's down to a couple.

McClain said that Georgetown, Virginia Tech, Maryland, Arkansas, Wake Forest, Georgia Tech and "the list goes on and on" are programs that have been recruiting him hard.

"Most likely I'm going to wait until the end of my senior basketball. It might be next spring. If they know what you're potential is and they really want you then they'll hold off (signing someone else)."

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