Reynolds Talks About The Release

ATLANTA – Scottie Reynolds was in town to tape a segment for "Countdown To Signing Day". In between takes we sat down and chatted him up about what's happened at Oklahoma and what his status presently is.

Late in the day on Tuesday, Oklahoma signee and McDonald's All-American Scottie Reynolds, requested his release from the school. The paperwork, at the time we spoke with Reynolds on Wednesday, was being filed and an unconditional release was on the horizon.

Reynolds indicated that he would be released to whatever school he wants with no restrictions. Could he go to Indiana? Technically he could but that won't happen for the Illinois native. He's also not going to look at any other programs in the Big 12.

Since the release technically wasn't final, Reynolds was hesitant to speak of schools that might be involved. Suffice it to say, assuming that he'll look at ACC and Big East programs near his home in Virginia would be a safe assumption.

"I'm just not 100% comfortable with the situation at Oklahoma," Reynolds said. "It's not a concern, it's a feeling. If I went there without exploring options I would have questions."

From a Sooner perspective, some questions could be answered on Thursday when Jeff Capel flies into town to sit down with the guard. However, we would expect Reynolds to look at other options either way. He's searching for a comfort level.

"Coach Capel understands my situation and he's been good with it. He understands why I'm doing what I'm doing."

While Reynolds peeks around at other options he thinks the other players that signed with OU – Tony Crocker, Keith Clark, Damion James and Jeremy Mayfield – will all matriculate to Norman. Each is a regional recruit for the Sooners and that's the main difference from Reynolds who hails from a considerably further distance.

"I don't see them leaving and hopefully everyone will come."

Reynolds was not at liberty to mention programs because his release was not final. A safe assumption would be that he would take a look at programs like Georgetown, Maryland and Virginia, in addition to a host of others.

"Trust is a big issue for me. I can trust my family. It's not that I couldn't trust Coach Sampson because that's not it because I could but a lot of my thinking has changed about getting kids."

Typically when a player asks for his release, the school becomes a longshot to keep him under its wing. Oklahoma is holding out hope that the top guard ('s No. 31 player overall) keeps the Sooners in his heart and returns.

"It's a big chance. Oklahoma is a big consideration."

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